The Messy Middle

Join the conversation of thriving entrepreneurs and CEO's

The Messy Middle is the online community for entrepreneurs and CEOs to find solutions for more innovative and less chaotic business growth. 

Our goal is to provide a platform for you to: 
  • Gain exclusive access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs 
  • Eliminate the isolation from growing your business in a silo.
  • Tackle big, tough questions as you strategize with your colleagues.
  • Learn new ways of doing things that benefit your growth
  • Gain outside perspective from your peers 
  • Access members-only events 

Join us!  You'll meet new people, explore opportunities, and access a network of experts to support your business growth.

Who Belongs to The Messy Middle!?

  • Entrepreneurs with a proven business model and revenue of $350000 or more while leading a team of 3 or more members.
  • Days are punctuated with overwhelm and exhaustion. Burnout looms in the wings.
  • Growth may be slowed or stalled. The growth ceiling feels impenetrable. 
  • Cash flow may be dwindling.

Jackie Nagel, Community Strategist

This fueled my passion for providing a platform where entrepreneurs can gather to get questions answered, feel supported, receive encouragement, learn from each other, and not feel so alone in growing their businesses. 

Additionally, I'm the Founder of Synnovatia, a strategic business coaching firm. 

Come in and join us!